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El Nuevo Rodeo has been known for bringing national record artists into the country for the past 14 years and hosting a nightlife with Grammy Award-winning Mexican and Latin American artists. With live music from local artists, local bands and local musicians from across the state of Minnesota and beyond.

Among the notable events in TCGMC's history are the commissioned works of the Minnesota Symphony Orchestra and the first Minnesota trombone ensemble ever. Highlights include the appearance at the 1994 International Trumbone Association workshop at the University of Minnesota. Music da cameraha with the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition, whose participants came from all over the world.

OSM organizes a summer choir program open to singers from all over the Twin Cities and includes a concert in August. The concert is free and sponsored by Opera Minnesota, an opera produced by a group performing at the Minnesota Opera House in St. Paul, Minnesota State University and other venues.

We are the only community orchestra in the region that charges no fees and is free of charge at all concerts. We offer the opportunity to share a high level of musical expression and artistic creation with our community of musicians from across the Twin Cities and the entire state of Minnesota. The concert will take place at the Minnesota Opera House in St. Paul, Minnesota State University and other venues. This is the first time we could be free - charging due to the fact that the concert was free.

We play a variety of music throughout the season, including classical music, jazz, rock, classical, folk, country, blues, opera and classical. Schmitt has the best selection of saxophones and trumpets in the Midwest, and almost every instrument used in our band and orchestra is found at the Minnesota Opera House in St. Paul, Minnesota State University, and other venues. We are well known for our selection of pianos, organs and keyboards as well as for our extensive instrument collection for piano, guitar, violin, cello, viola, trumpet, clarinet, harpsichord and violin.

Nancy Groth Kersten has taken over her role as Managing Director of Chamber Music Minnesota to maintain and expand our service and inventory. Chamber music is our passion and our mission is to help build a vibrant chamber music community in the Twin Cities. We are committed to promoting the talent of young performers and composers, using our extensive instrument collection and our expertise in music production and performance. For more information, please contact the Chamber of Music of Minnesota on Facebook, Twitter or through our website.

In addition, the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts produces plays, including plays, musicals, dance and music concerts, and also presents educational programs. In addition, concerts are held at Ordway's Per Performing Arts Center in downtown Minneapolis. The Minnetonka Farmers Market is scheduled for the summer months, with a variety of food and beverages available from local farmers and businesses.

The Ordway Center is home to the Minnetonka Music Society, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit. The society organises several official concerts each year and presents renowned guest artists. Each annual concert, held on the second Sunday of each month at Ordways Per Performing Arts Center in downtown Minneapolis, typically features a variety of musical performances by local and national artists as well as educational programs for children and adults. Each year, several official concerts are held, with a focus on music, dance, theatre, opera and other arts and crafts.

An avid follower of folk music, the Minnetonka Music Society is located at Ordways Per Performing Arts Center every second Sunday of the month. The quintet is led by the band director of Wayzata High School, and his wife Jennifer is a member of the Minnesota Folk Music Association (MNMA) and the Minneapolis Folk Festival.

In its 24th season, the choir performs every second Sunday of the month at the Ordways Per Performing Arts Center. The choir plays music from all cultures and traditions and is now active in schools, churches, community organizations and other organizations in the Minnetonka area.

The orchestra consists of amateur and professional musicians of the MVO, who perform a wide range of classical music. The Symphony is made up of members of the Minnetonka Symphony Orchestra, Minnesota Opera Orchestra and Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra. Get ready for four refreshing concerts by performing and partnering with local musicians, local schools, community organizations and other organizations. In the summer, you come and play at Ordways Per - Performing Arts Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, and perform year-round at other venues.

The ensemble, made up of members of the Minnetonka Choral Society and the Minnesota Opera Orchestra, is charged with informing the broader community about the rich choral repertoire composed by African Americans for the broader community from the mid-19th century to the present.

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More About Minnetonka