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If you are thinking about buying or selling a home in Minnetonka, Minnesota, here is a recommended list of some of the best real estate options in the city. For new home buyers who want to buy a home in Minneapolis, you can browse our recommendations for affordable homes in Minnesota and Minnesota.

First, time buyers on a budget should check out this, and luxury merchants can tour the neighborhood with a tour of some of the best real estate in Minnetonka, Minnesota's most desirable neighborhoods.

You can also use the map view to find houses and apartments that you can sell due to the amenities in Glen Lake, Minnetonka, MN that you may want closer to you, and there are results for those looking for an overview of the area. Scroll down to see all our Minnehaha home listings and sales, or click the "Request More Information" button on the details page of each property. For more information about Minnka real estate, read our guide to the best homes in the most desirable areas of Minnesota. You can read about the most popular homes, apartments and condos in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota with more than 1,000 listings.

Browse the current listings to see which one you would like to call your own, or search for houses on the shores of Lake Minnetonka.

If you are looking for a Minnetonka home for single-family homes, consider this list of affordable single-family homes for sale in the Twin Cities region. Have you missed a lot when looking for an affordable home near Lake Minn. or the Minnesota State Fair in Minneapolis?

Many plots are houses or mansions on the lake and surrounded by wide green treetops. Many of the houses that line the lake are luxury apartments, most prominently with private docks that extend into the middle of the lake. Homebuyers often choose Lake Minnetonka homes when they are looking for their desired retreat on the lake.

If you want to work quickly and stress-free in Minneapolis when you are looking to buy a home, we would like to introduce you to Minnetonka, Minnesota. This suburb of the Twin Cities is located in the heart of Minneapolis so you can be at work as quickly as you want.

Hidden on the winding banks, it offers visitors and lake dwellers a varied lifestyle. In the Lake Minnetonka area, there are 12 communities owned by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MNDNR) and Minnesota State Parks, and residents form close - and connected - communities of support to preserve the natural beauty of the lake and its natural resources. The condominiums have a variety of amenities such as pool, pool house, golf course, spa, tennis courts, swimming pool and much more.

Minnetonka neighborhood listings have an average price of $218 per square foot based on the average square foot of living space per unit in the area, according to the Minnesota Real Estate Board.

Minnetonka is represented as having a "no mortgage" of 12%, the second highest rate in the state of Minnesota, behind only Minneapolis - St. Paul. The median amount of property taxes paid per homeowner in the region is 59.8% higher, and also shows the region's rent distribution, unlike states in Minnesota. Minneapolis has the highest median income and lowest median property tax, with the median property tax at $2,500 and the property tax per square foot per unit. No mortgage (12.5%) and gives the impression that there is a higher rate of home ownership than Woodland depicted, but it has a much lower mean mortgage rate than the rest of Minneapolis and behaves more like a city with a median home price of $3,000 per square foot.

The rental rate of 977 in Minnetonka is also 46.2% higher than in Minnesota and is useful for understanding affordable housing funds. It also provides the frequency distribution of home prices in the region and provides a more accurate representation of the rental distribution for the region as a whole, compared to states in Minnesota.

The property search also lists the area and the number of houses and condos that have been sold nearby recently. This can provide a more accurate representation of the recently sold properties in the Minnetonka area and provide a better understanding of the rental market for the area.

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